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We provide therapy for:


    • Eliminate all noxious habits: thumb sucking, nail biting, pacifier use


    • Tongue thrust
    • Incorrect swallow
    • Lip Incompetence
    • Correct tongue posture
    • Mouth Breathing
    • Tongue and Lip Tie (pre/post therapy)
    • TMJ disorder that is related to OMD
    • Snoring related to tongue posture

Treatment consists of a team approach:

A team may include Dentist, Orthodontist, ENT, Pediatrician, SLP and parent/caregiver.

Appropriate referrals are given if needed prior to starting myofunctional therapy to:

    • establish bilateral nasal breathing and eliminate obstruction
    • address anatomical restrictions such as frenum attachment or the need for maxillary expansion.

While treatment can be tedious, it is asked that patients commit to four months of myofunctional therapy. Every person is different and has their own unique needs so success can be altered for many reasons and can range from 4-16 months. All treatment is specific to the persons individual needs.

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