New Client


We treat a variety of orofacial muscle dysfunctions at Myofunction Junction of Minnesota and therapy is for children and adults. We first review your medical and dental history and do a 90 minute assessment followed by a personalized treatment plan.  During the assessment we do a very thorough evaluation of your orofacial muscles and assess your chewing and swallowing habits.  If a consultation is needed with a specialist we can help you coordinate services.  Therapy can begin within a week after your initial assessment and sessions are usually 30 minutes or less once a week.  Duration of therapy depends on the severity of your muscle dysfunction and motivation of the patient (and parents if child).  If you are unsure if our services are right for you, please contact us for a free 5-10 minute consultation.

To schedule please call: 651-273-3668 or email [email protected]


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